Hopes on Arcana Heart 3

Long Diep
Guest Writer
August 16th, 2010

Things have been quiet on the front of both Aksys Games and Arc System Works of Japan.  Even more so regarding the final release date for the Japanese home versions (PS3/x360) of Arcana Heart 3.  Supposedly, rumors say that the Japanese home release will be before the end of this year.  I know that Aksys Games has been publishing the Japanese Arc System Works fighting games for the American public, so I decided to see if there was any idea on if Aksys Games would be picking up the title.  I will quote Cherie of Aksys Games:

ASW [Arc System Works] loves us, please cross your fingers.

For those who are waiting fervently for the release, we will have to pray this hits state-side.  For the more hardcore, if the answer is no, expect a mob of folks importing it or demanding a North American release.  Anyone not familiar with the game should check out Examu’s Arcana Heart 3 Arcade website for info over the game and how it works: Arcana Heart 3 (Japanese).  Here are 2 videos demonstrating the “Critical Heart” super attacks I found on YouTube from koyori6671 from the arcade version.

Nothing more funny than Fiona (armored maid character) with a giant claymore just owning someone in the second part of the “Critical Heart” demos.


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