Radiant Silvergun Coming to XBL!

Long Diep
Guest Writer
September 16th, 2010

Last night from the Tokyo Game Show, Kotaku broke news that Treasure and a few other Japanese companies were at the Microsoft Conference saying that they would be planning on 5 exclusive titles with Japanese developers exclusively for Xbox Live.  Treasure has let the cat out of the bag and showcased some screenshots of their remastered version of Radiant Silvergun for Xbox Live.  Kotaku has reported major improvements in the Xbox Live version such as improved graphics and cooperative play on Xbox Live.

Personally, I am very excited as I still remember the day in 1998 that it was released on Sega Saturn as a Japanese release at a very pricey point…  Then to see years later the price to continually spike up.  As of right now, copies of the game run from $120 to $350+ from disc only to near pristine condition copies with everything.  In my years of gaming, I have only played a total of 30 whole minutes.  It is an old style game that will humble you as a gamer and it will refuse to hold your hand even on easy mode.  If you are the gamer who enjoyed Ikaruga and never played the spiritual successor to Radiant Silvergun, I can say you will be counting down the days until this release hits Xbox Live in your appropriate region.  This will be one game I look forward to putting hours on my arcade stick on just to master it for nostalgia sake.

[Image sourced from Kotaku’s Tokyo Game Show 2010 Coverage]


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