Crossfire Price Drop Plus Game Changes

Jarret Redding
Executive Editor
October 16th, 2010

Crossfire Screenshot 4

I’m a bit late with this one but it looks like Crossfire not only received a price drop last week to 80 points ($1), but also received an update that changed a few things.  Here is the list:


Two new modifiers have been added: Speed Reduction and Better Damage. Speed Reduction reduces the enemy movement speed and firing rate by a significant amount. Better Damage increases the damage you do by a large amount (2.5x to be exact).  You can turn these modifiers on/off in the pause menu in any mode.

Note: Both of these modifiers reduce your multiplier by 0.5x each, where the effect is additive.  They also reduce the bonuses you receive at the end of the round.  You’ll get 50% of the bonus scores with one modifier active, and 20% of the bonus score with both active.


Overall enemy movement speeds have been adjusted, so that the first 10 or so waves move faster, and the last 25 or so waves move slower.  In addition, the Cross enemy type now only fires in one direction at once (towards the player).  They’re still a challenge, but warping is no longer so dangerous when near them.  A couple waves (43 and 49) also had some Shield enemies removed to reduce the amount of edge camping you have to do in those waves.

Also, you may notice a somewhat longer period of invulnerability when spawning or respawning, which went from 1.25 seconds to 2.0 seconds.

Also, reference to “Blaze” has been removed from the ending and arcade stick support was added.  We reviewed Crossfire here if you are thinking about picking it up.  There really isn’t any reason not to.  It’s an awesome game and you definitely get more than $1 worth of play.  If your worried about money just skip on those Apple Pies next time you go to McDonald’s and you will be fine.



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  • Jeffrey Yep

    I'm going to download Inferno and check it out. Maybe even pick up the other 2 games by Radiangames to complete the collection.