Alan Wake: Night Springs Coming to XBLA

Nick Santangelo
MASH Veteran
May 20th, 2011

Remember the other week when a LinkedIn post alluded to Alan Wake 2 being in the works? Remedy quickly squashed that rumor, but also confirmed that some sort of side project set in the Wake universe was on the way. According to the site XBLA Fans, this new game is called Alan Wake: Night Springs and it will only be available as a downloadable 360 title. Those who played the original game will remember that Night Springs was a creepy in-game TV program that spoofed The Twilight Zone.

The site claims to have been tipped off about the game by a trusted source and says that they have even seen some screenshots. They are unable to expose them publicly at this time; however, an official announcement is expected to pop up in the near future.

[Source: XBLA Fans]

[Image sourced from Side Questing.]


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