Xenoblade Chronicles Releasing Two Weeks Early in Europe

Nick Santangelo
MASH Veteran
July 12th, 2011

In a move that will surely serve to further enrage Nintendo’s increasingly disenchanted American fans, Nintendo of Europe has bumped up the release of Monolith’s RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles.  The title, which is one-third of the Rainfall three here in North America, will now release on August 19th throughout Europe.  Chronicles will come in both a standard version and a collector’s edition that includes a red Wii classic controller pro and three posters.

Despite the loud pleas from its fans, Nintendo of America has publicly shot down the possibility of the game being localized here.  Remember though, that Operation Rainfall claimed that an anonymous source within the company reported the opposite to them.  That’s still just a whisper in the wind at this point, but it’s the best hope Wii owners have for getting something worth playing other than Zelda and Kirby before the Wii bites the dust.

[Source: Nintendo of Europe]

[Image via Gamer Tell.]


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