Newsflash: Gameloft Got Hacked

Jason Wersits
Senior Editor - Reviews
October 24th, 2011

While we at Mash Those Buttons aren’t huge into the mobile phone gaming scene, we do keep up with the mobile news from time to time. Those of you who’ve browsed the “Games” section of the iPhone App or Android Market are likely familiar with Gameloft. A company known for its prolific production of mobile games, Gameloft was recently the victim of a security breach which affected a whopping 100 players of the small-screen MMO, Order and Chaos (seen above). Apparently the breach was bad enough to warrant taking down its website for a brief period of time.

While any website will be the target of hackers from time to time, it’s interesting to see it happen to a mobile game company. So, the question we need to ask here isn’t so much why Gameloft was hacked, but rather do you know anyone who plays this game?

[Source via Game Politics]



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