Get Ready to Infiltrate Novus AEterno

Katie Horstman
Guest Writer
April 4th, 2012

PAX East is just two days away, but Taitale Studios couldn’t wait to dish out some interesting information. Starting May 1st, 2012 Taitale Studios will allow gamers to join their “Infiltrator Team” to test their upcoming game, Novus AEterno. “No-cost” Infiltrators will be able to provide insight and directly impact the game. Infiltrators are ranked, so those with the highest rank will have the most influence on the game and most interaction with the creators and developers. “No-cost” may not be appealing because there isn’t any hourly wage attached to it, but Taitale will be actively seeking to hire staff from these Infiltrators. So, go ahead and try to break this game and provide excellent feedback.

After the catastrophic destruction of the main five empires that have dominated the galaxy for eons, Novus AEterno catapults you into this wild and unstable galaxy, and allows you to determine the course of events between the conflict of various factions. To be the victor, you must use be the most cunning and tactical in the galaxy—but don’t forget that trickery, traps and alliances are fair in peace and war!

Novus AEterno will be initially available as a PC game, but will be offered as both a PC and a Browser game with the full launch of the game in September 2012. Pre-order for Novus AEterno is available for $19.95, discounted from the Launch Price of $35.00 at This price includes a lifetime membership to the game, allowing early adopters to play infinitely.


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