Tribes: Ascend XP Unlock Prices Cut In Half

Jarret Redding
Executive Editor
January 24th, 2013


When Tribes: Ascend first came out I played it for a bit, but my biggest gripe with it was that it took so long to unlock anything.  Even after making my first purchase, which gives you a permanent XP boost, I still felt that unlocks were taking a long time.  The time I would need to put in to unlock various weapons just wasn’t worth what I was getting.  Well, that’s changing (at least of for now).

According to a post in the Hi-Rez forums, effective immediately all XP unlocks prices are now cut in half.  It appears that they are doing this as a test run to see how it affects new users experiences, and I would also imagine they are going to see how it affects sales as well.  Hi-Rez will use user/forum feedback to help determine if they should keep it this way or not.  Honestly, this is more than enough for me to at least try Tribes: Ascend again.  If you like the XP price cut make sure you speak up in the Hi-Rez forums.  Silence is not golden in this case.


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