Viktor is Castlevania with Machine Guns

Viktor is Castlevania with Machine Guns

Fifty seconds is not a long time, but it was more than enough to get me interested in Viktor. The creepy monsters, stylized art, gunplay, and neat gameplay mechanics make it look like it’ll be a good time.

I’m used to answering with medieval weaponry when the Netherworld has come a’calling before. If giant spiders and monsters are around, I’m looking for my axe, sword, or whip, but not in Viktor. Viktor isn’t screwing around, so he’s bringing a machine gun and rocket launcher on his trip to deal with the Netherworld/Overworld conflict. From the game’s pace in the trailer, I don’t think that problem will last for long. Then again, the giant, gorgeously-drawn monsters might slow things down a bit. Either way, fast-paced sidescrolling gunplay against large, detailed monstrosities is one easy way to get and keep my attention.

There seems to be a neat mobility mechanic at work in the trailer as well, with Viktor able to shoot across short distances with some shadow ability. It lets him move through walls and attacks, so it should add a little bit more spice to the gunplay. It already looks like it will make for some hairy boss fights while also giving the game some more puzzle-like environments for the player to work through. At least Viktor moves faster than a certain vampire-hunting clan, charging around in ways that are much closer to a pair of familiar shirtless, gun-toting loons who don’t much care for aliens. Less Castlevania and more Contra is what I’m saying.

If you can’t wait to sink some bullets into spiders, demons, and other weird creatures, you won’t have to. The game is due out in June, so you only have to wait a few more days before you can start perforating the things that go bump in the night.




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