Be the Fastest, Most Violent Chicken Man Alive in SpeedRunners

Be the Fastest, Most Violent Chicken Man Alive in SpeedRunners

The newest expansion for SpeedRunners, Rise of the Falcon, almost sounded serious until I realized that this was a game about a superhero footrace where you use grappling hooks and rockets to get to the finish line first. I don’t know how I could have been expecting something normal from this game series.

Chicken might be a better word to use than falcon, as the main new character in this four player expansion is a man dressed as a chicken. The SpeedRunners, too busy with their frantic footrace to actually remember that they’re super heroes who were supposed to be helping folks, left a chicken farm to burn. Little did they realize that they were making a powerful, ridiculous enemy in the process, adding another runner to SpeedRunners‘ roster. He’s just part of a handful of absurd animal creatures, all vying for the top spot in a four-player race that will likely leave a couple of friendships on unsteady ground.

If you’ve never played it before, it’s a quick foot race, but with lots of gadgets and toys to keep things from getting too one-sided. Players can use grappling hooks to maneuver as well as grab other players to switch places with them. There are also lots of other weapons and pickups you can grab, as well as things in the environment you can activate to create mayhem for the other racers. You aren’t safe if you’re at the head of the pack, though, as that player can see the least amount of the oncoming track, so the top spot can get pretty dangerous and is hard to hold. The new characters adds a little bit more chaos to the mix, as well as drop-in capability for online matches. It’s a great fast-paced game to play with friends, and the new update adds more content for free, so you may want to head over to Steam and see if it’s worth the $9.99 for yourself.


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