Summer Games Done Quick Has Begun!

Summer Games Done Quick Has Begun!

Do you remember a guy from a couple of months ago beating Punch Out!! blindfolded? Maybe a guy playing through Super Mario 64 with only one hand? A pair of guys playing Goldeneye 64 as a team? Well, those runs all came from the Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) charity drive, and those same guys are at it again with Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ), this time looking to support Doctors Without Borders. It’s happening right now, too!

That schedule, though. My God, someone is actually going to speedrun Castlevania 64. I thought I was the only person in the known universe who liked that game. Resident Evil 2 sounds pretty hot, too, as does most of the Mega Man series and a lot of other neat games they’re picking from. They’ve even got quite a few indie games on the list for this year, including personal favorite Anodyne. I have no idea how they’ll beat that game in ten minutes, but I want to see it. And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time is getting a run! How do you speedrun a brawler properly? They’re gonna have to kill everyone on screen in the fastest way possible to get a time that’s worth watching.

The event started on Sunday, June 22nd, and is running all the way until Sunday, June 29 at around 9am. There are a ton of games that are getting run, so I guarantee you’ll see at least a few things that will blow your mind if you check their posted schedule. I’m most curious about the grand finale, Final Fantasy VI, though. Speed runs of RPGs tend to mean low level runs, as it did with their Final Fantasy IV run from the last SGDQ. I’m pumped to see someone do a dangerous run like that, especially for almost eight hours straight, without a single screw-up. I think that’s worth a few donated dollars, especially to a charity like Doctors Without Borders. So, help sick people around the world and see sweet speedruns. Sounds good to me.


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