You Want to Leave Your Adventures Unfinished in Spoiler Alert

You Want to Leave Your Adventures Unfinished in Spoiler Alert

It’s amazing how something as small as running from right to left can throw me off in a game. I’m just so used to going the other way that a small change like that can be really jarring, and having to do so with the precision that MEGAFUZZ’s Spoiler Alert asks me to just might be too much in some places. I am but a man, guys.

It’s not unfair, just tricky. In Spoiler Alert, your job is to move backwards through the game, starting at the last boss and working your way back to the very beginning of he game. You’re running in reverse, though, and you also have to mimic every single action you took on your way to the end of the game. If you jumped on an enemy’s head, you’d better do it again on your way back or else you’ll die of a time paradox (Hello, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater). Doesn’t sound so tough, but when you specifically have to hit certain enemies and dodge others while also grabbing certain items and avoiding others, you can create some really nasty obstacle courses for people to go through. Adding on that whole right to left confusion just makes that even harder, resulting in an interestingly challenging game created from making some very simple design decisions.

The art style looks pretty cute, although I’m not sure what kind of relationship anthropomorphic onions and chilies would have with each other, nor am I sure why goblins and spacefaring penguins would have a problem with their union. I may be thinking about this too much. Anyway, the mechanics are interesting and challenging while married to some colorful artwork. Might be worth taking around town on your phone or playing on your computer is all I’m saying. Also, it’s out, so go on and grab it!




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