Toxikk Looking to Return Arena Shooters to Their Former Glory

There was a time when shooters relied heavily on a players skill.  No regenerating health, no perks, no calling in airstrikes.  Days when accuracy, movement, and strategy were must have skills for players.  Sometimes I feel like an old man talking about the better days, but it looks like after all this time I was not alone.

Reakktor’s game Toxikk will be for those of us that enjoy the thrill of true arena shooting.  Toxikk will have health packs, alternate firing modes, dodging, double jumping, and mutators.  There will be no unlocking weapons based on level, though there will be an XP system used only for matchmaking and unlocking skins.  Every one spawns with two weapons: a melee weapon and a pistol…  The way god intended.  All other weapons will need to be picked up around the map.  Everyone will be on a level playing field, with skill being the only factor between players.

There will be 8 player maps designed for close, fast-paced combat (let the record state I think that number should be 10), but there will also be 16 player maps build for vehicle combat as well.  There will be a free SDK, so community built content is being encouraged.  Some of the best maps I played in UT were from the community, and that was without Epic being a gatekeeper.

If you’re interested and want to wait for Toxikk to release on Steam, I guess that’s fine.  More than likely you want a piece of the action now, which you can have if you head over to the Toxikk store and pre-order the game.  $15 will net you beta access as well as the full game when it comes out.  There are additional packages if you want to support development a bit more as well.



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