Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Interview with Matt Hammill

Made in the deep, deep, deep space of Canada, developer Asteroid Base brought a unique cooperative based game to PAX. Lovers in a Dangerous Space time started as a small project at a game jam, but became grew into something larger. The space shooter has unique mechanics, as each defensive tool you have in the ship is used in junction with the plan you and your teammate have set. Your obstacles range from exploration of the unknown to the waves of enemies you’ll be fighting to get to your goal.

Players will dive into the neon colored abyss of space to rescue our Happy-Go-Loving bunny pals, as long as we don’t kill ourselves trying to figure out whose driving and who’s shooting. We had a chance to interview Game Designer and Artist Matt Hammill while he was at PAX PRIME 2015.


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