Long Diep
Guest Writer
November 24th, 2011

Shoot down various ships down in Waves over various modes such as Crunch Time, Bombing Run, and Challenge Mode. Combining tight mechanics and a wonderful soundtrack to the Unreal Engine 3, Waves provides a fresh take on the top-down arena shooter genre. Available now on Steam for $9.99.




Long is an classic game fanatic who has a fond love of arcade games. He is a fan of fighting games and racing simulations and loves playing them with good friends. His true love is with Japanese curtain fire, "bullet hell" shooters. He is a gamer who believes that sometimes the best gaming gear can make the difference between a better experience in a game to increased game play skills. Even though he likes his unique games, he does enjoy FPS games, RPG's, and various other games. Long has a soft spot for indie and niche developers as some of the major games out there have soured his taste-buds.

Specialty: Bullet Hell Shooters

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