Final Fantasy VII Available on Steam

Joel Couture
MASH Veteran
July 5th, 2013

Final Fantasy VII, the one everyone says is their favorite until someone brings up Final Fantasy IV, VI, VIII, or IX came out on Steam yesterday. Those who download it can look forward to some minor graphical upgrades, achievements, and a poor port of the soundtrack. Considering how important music has been to this series, I might have chosen to work on that rather than take the time put in achievements, but I like Final Fantasy VIII so clearly I don’t know anything about anything.

It also allows you to play around with your money and experience levels, so if you feel like being a dirty rotten cheater, go nuts. I just won’t respect you as much when you beat the Weapons. Give me a crazy Materia combo, though, and we’ll talk.

It’s $11.99, so go nuts.



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