Street Fighter V

Double Tap #44: Alliances Truly Repaired

Normally CrashTag and Mezza have tons of Street Fighter V and Guilty Gear content to talk about but today is a new day. NetherRealms is taking over, and they are breaking down so many characters that it massive coverage from characters to gears. Brainic is released, and they dive deep into his gameplay as well as a few other characters. Talks of The Joker returning doesn’t sit well with many people, as well as the two hosts.

Iron Galaxy releases another set of ultimate finishers, and Capcom drops some more DLC, but maybe for the wrong characters? Blazblue:Central Fiction gets announced for PC! Namco drops new costumes for Tekken 7 release for each character and King Of Fighters brings you DLC as well. Dream Cancel also gives us the guide to frame data and much more.

Randoms of the FGC has a WWE take over as Eva Marie joins the ELeague fun, and does a little bit of cosplaying as Laura. Ultra SFII has different modes and they are looking very promising. Last but not least its time to take it to the horde with your favorite E-sports team DLC skins. CrashTag and Mezza talk about potential and possibilities of true change with this new dynamic supporting of E-Sports teams in a different way.

It wouldn’t be a Double Tap if we didn’t add these fantastic mod finds. Street Fighter V gets a taste of poison, and they learn what it is like to get zapped into the strange Dragonball Z world! Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gets some mod Balances and character leaks for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.


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