Destiny Festival of the Lost

In Orbit #40: I’m Sorry, You Must Spend This Much To Play

On today‚Äôs show, we go over the beginning of Festival of the Lost! Is the event a magical surprise like it was in 2015 or is it a disappointment? Analyzing this week’s event, Jorge & David take a particular look at how this year we are retreading items done last year, and how this year’s Festival of the Lost “rewards” are effectively behind a paywall with only three in-game opportunities to obtain a chance at getting a special ghost or sparrow. We also take an extended look at the way range works in-game spurred on by a recent article in Kotaku, as well as a Reddit post, that takes a look at weapon ranges and how they affect PVP. We also discuss Trials of Osiris DDoSing and message spamming trends happening recently, along with a special holiday fundamental change in this week’s tournament which is turning a few heads.


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