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In Orbit #41: Well That was a Challenging Surprise

Jorge & David discuss the recent, surprising, and fantastic challenge mode added to Wrath of The Machine. Vosik has challenged the guardians to step inside his arena and engage him in a different way. Jorge & David discuss how they feel about the challenge, how it stacks up to the original (and slightly disappointing) challenges from The Taken King’s raid, King’s Fall, and what we expect the challenge for Aksis to be now that we have more information on how Bungie will be looking at challenges. We also go over the game and if we are reaching the plateau we in the community reached around the time SRL came out last year. Is this the beginning of the desert dry period while we wait for Destiny 2? How does the way Bungie communicate compare with Massive and The Division?


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Podcast Host

Intro/Outro: Destiny OST - All Ends Are Beginning

Length: 00:44:31