Destiny The Dawning

In Orbit #44: The Dawning of New Content

Bungie finally has a winter event in game, which was actually data-mined last year: The Dawning. The Dawning is almost as large as the April Update of 2016 (without a light level increase), in that besides just SRL, The Dawning brings with it 3 updated strikes, strike scoring (much like Challenge Of Elders from the April Update of 2016), new guns, new armors with ornaments, a FREE SRL book, new PVE & PVP quests, “new” and returning exotics with the “Solarlord” & “Voidlord” variants of the famous Thunderlord machine gun, the beloved Ice Breaker coming in year 3, and an ornamentally updated tower. We explore what we know of the Dawning and how the refresh will play with the broader Destiny community. In addition, Iron Banner returns this coming week with the helm, class armor, fusion rifle, and scout rifles as the items to get.


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