In Orbit #45: The Future is in Sight

The Dawning is coming with more quality of life improvements, updated strikes, and changes. In the latest TWAB, other changes have been made — preparing us for this event. Changes to matchmaking settings seems to directly respond to the concerns the community clamored for recently, with a stronger bias on connection quality, and less emphasis on skill matching. China recently passed a new law that forces online games to publicly announce item probabilities. We discuss the impact that may have on future US legislation or company policy changes. Vicarious Visions is officially announced as a partner with Bungie & High Moon Studios to work on Destiny content Jason Schreier from Kotaku reported this in September.

We discuss the importance of this partnership, and why Bungie decided to announce this. Interestingly, we are starting to see some of the fruits of this partnership in The Dawning as a Titan Armor set was designed by Priscilla Landerer from High Moon Studios. We also give our impressions of the latest Iron Banner with the new matchmaking ruleset. David gives his impressions of this week’s Trials Of Osiris tournament in Shores Of Time, and we bring in your questions in Messages From The Reef!


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Intro/Outro: Destiny OST - All Ends Are Beginning

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