In Orbit #65: Ghosts Are Dead?!

On this week’s episode of In Orbit, the In Orbit crew discusses Destiny 2 and our current ending run with Destiny 1. Discussion begins with the invitations sent out by Bungie to the popular streamers like Gothalion, TripleWRECK, and more with the image showing a dead ghost and the ominous words “welcome to a world without light”.

Unlike other Bungie streams, this stream is happening in Hawthorne, California at the Jet Center with the invitation stating “Bungie & Activision” meaning this will be a gigantic event, bigger than previous Destiny DLC/expansion reveals. The In Orbit crew discusses what this means for the game, and what will be revealed. The In Orbit crew also discuss My Name Is Byf’s video which we will include in the show notes. It is a fascinating glimpse into Radegast, the first of the Iron Lords. The crew then discusses raiding, and how we have reached the maximum with this game and how we are approaching raids.

With Destiny 2 around the corner, various other games, and new consoles out, what more are we to gain with raiding? We end the episode with our live audience providing questions on this week’s Messages from the Reef!


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Intro/Outro: Destiny OST - All Ends Are Beginning

Length: 01:11:11