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Mashcast #157: Some Jokes Need Better Comedians

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t understand Let’s Plays, so of course he makes fun of people who like them. Now the story is that gamers can’t take a joke, but perhaps if the delivery of the joke was actually funny, maybe some gamers wouldn’t be upset about it. We also discuss the composer of Destiny’s and Halo’s music winning a lawsuit against Bungie. New information was released regarding the situation surrounding his dismissal, and we talk about whether or not he was the hero or villain here. Additionally, we discuss why there is no point in getting The Phantom Pain for PC on disc, Slave Tetris, ESports on ESPN, FTC on Machinima, and more pre-order ridiculousness.


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Theme: "Insert Coin" - Chris Geehan of Hyperduck Soundworks

Length: 01:27:11