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Mashcast #164: Halo as an eSport?

Jarret is absent this week and Nick takes over along with Jeremy from WoW! Talk! The duo starts off talking about Nintendo’s new Miitomo mobile game along with Nintendo’s profits (which are looking good). Batman Arkham Knight is back on Steam, but you’ll need 12 GB of RAM to play it. Can HALO V turn HALO into an eSport? Part of the DMCA is overturned to allow some old games to be legally playable once again. Also, Quantic Dream announces Detroit, No Man’s Sky gets a release month, CCP sells White Wolf, Facebook will address aggressive game invites, and Quake Live is F2P no longer. All this and more on this week’s Mashcast!


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Theme: "Insert Coin" - Chris Geehan of Hyperduck Soundworks

Length: 00:55:08