Mashcast #87: You Chase the Dragon, But You Never Catch It.

In what can only be called one of the best ideas of all time, Valve has found a way to gamify buying video games. Also we talk about Diablo 3 Auction House exploits, shaping the PS4, Greenlight complaints, and Sid Meiers doesn’t forget about the core gamer.


Jarret is Executive Director as well as one of the founding members of Mash Those Buttons. He plays all types of games, but tends to lean more toward FPS, Stealth, and Racing Games. Currently too involved in Overwatch.

Host of WoW! Talk! and The Tauren & The Goblin. Sometimes known as the Video Games Public Defender. Wants to play more Destiny and Marvel Heroes but WoW is all-consuming. Decent F2P Hearthstone player. Sad that he lost the Wii that had Wrecking Crew on it. Would be happy if the only game ever made was M.U.L.E. Gragtharr on Skywall-US. Garresque on Ravencrest-US.