Watchpoint Radio #17: Community Scorn, Loot Box Stats, and What is Defense?

It’s been a week and the Summer Games commotion has calmed down as players enjoy the content from their Summer Games loot boxes. LOL. Sike, nah. The community is just as mad as they were last week, calling for Blizzard to allow them to use credits to purchase Summer Games content. Players still feel cheated by the way seasonal content has been handled, and feel like Blizzard is just trying to drill into their pockets after they have already paid full price for Overwatch. Are they justified in their anger, though? We discuss that, and the realities of Blizzards games as a service model.

Speaking of Loot Boxes, we opened 50 of them to get some data on drop rates. If you’re not going to listen to the show, just know that even if you buy fifty boxes you’ll probably not going to get the skin you want. Jarret did, twice, but that was beating the odds. Sombra has (kind of) popped up again, so we talk the latest in Sombra Watch. There was an interesting post in the Overwatch forums regarding defenders. Do they need buffs, or are we just playing them wrong?  Additionally, Overwatch celebrates 15 million players as well as gives us some info on what we should expect at the end of the competitive season. Is it enough to get Jarret to come back, or will he keep hunting for Summer Games loot boxes? All this and more on this week’s episode of Watchpoint Radio.


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