Crackdown 2 Demo [Preview]

Today Microsoft released the Demo for the sequel to Crackdown. The demo lasts about 30 minutes and will save any achievements you unlock during the demo.  It will save that information for the full release as long as your signed onto your XBOX Live Gold account during gameplay.

The demo itself is well made and puts you right in the thick of things at the start. You have the usual perks you will need to unlock by dispatching enemies with extreme prejudice. I was able to unlock about 3 levels each during the demo for agility, strength, and weapons.

The graphics are similar to the first, as is the cartoon-ish like feel to the game, and the targeting system is the same as well which is cumbersome.  The sequels targeting system still needs some refinement, but with only several days left before release I do not believe this will be fixed.  The targeting system jerks around and if their are objects between or even near the targets you wish to fire upon, these objects will get in your way of targeting your enemies.   A pain in the arse!

Overall, the game play feels the same as the first one.  The voice narration by your commanding officer is always hilarious!  He constantly insists on dispatching enemies with vicious ferocity, as well as hints to dispatch them with a little more flair.

It seems the game will sell for about $60 upon release and the Strategy Guide (if you use it) will cost $20.  The games story will probably not be all that good.   It centers around the characters willingness to protect civilians from The Cell, and The Freaks.  You will be able to co-op over XBL (XBox Live) with up to three other players for some action.   I have some hope this game will be worth playing.  I am still not sure if it will be worth the $60 gamers will need to dish out for a game that may be fun, but not the best bang for your buck.  So to save you guys the trouble, it seems I will be the guinea pig and check this game out for everyone on the day of release!

Have a Fraggin’ Good Time!


Frank Nuqui
Frank Nuqui
Frank Nuqui

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