Plain Sight Sale for Two Freakin’ Dollars!

Earlier this year, we took a look at Plain Sight and the game was quite fun for a Player versus Player experience.  Today, I just received an e-mail from them about a 3-day sale that will be on Steam. The details are from the e-mail:

Ladies, Gentlemen and Robots.

You’re receiving this spam email because you were smart enough to buy the suicidal ninja robot mash up, Plain Sight.

Since launch, we’ve been working around the clock to add the features most requested by our wonderful fans.  Today, we’re especially proud to announce version 1.2 of Plain Sight.  It’s crammed with loads of new stuff including, most importantly, TOP HATS! (it worked for TF2, right?)

If the concept of TOP HATS doesn’t send you rushing back into the inky vortex of zero gravity robo-nirvana, here’s a list of other new things we’ve added since launch:

– New persistent perks – buy Vacuum Bombs, Gentleman Decoy Robots, Anti-perk Zones and many more…
– New achievements
– A new pirate themed map (everyone loves pirates!)
– Online AI
– Improved dedicated server software
– Gameplay tweaks and many bug fixes…

To celebrate the launch of v1.2, we’ve teamed up with Steam to offer 80% OFF Plain Sight for 3 DAYS ONLY (24th – 26th of August).  That’s a PATHETIC $2!

Yes, you’ve already bought the game, but we’re betting you know someone who hasn’t.  So, simply put, MAKE THEM BUY PLAIN SIGHT!  (or, if you’re the generous type, give it to them as a gift!)

How else will you gain the satisfaction of seeing them disappear in the fires of your fearsome robotic death-bomb?

The price of one copy is a great deal ($2) and if you feel like sharing the chaos with a 4-pack at $6, that’s a deal too.  Get in on this while the gettin’ is good!

Long Diep
Long Diep
Long Diep

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