UPDATE: Shank’s Original Soundtrack is FREE!

UPDATE: Jamie of the Shank Blog posted this little bit with regard to the Shank Soundtrack:

As we discussed in our last post, we completely underestimated the demand for the Shank soundtrack to be released. We hit our facebook fan goal in 3 hours, and I’ve already spoken to Vince about releasing the rest of the tracks. Vince and Jason are now remastering the tracks to be suitable for consumption, and we’ll be releasing it as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, below is another wallpaper done featuring art by Jeff and put together by Dan.

In her post, she has the links for the free wallpaper.

(Below is the post from earlier)

Klei is gracing fans with the first track from Shank’s OST.  They promise that if their FaceBook Fan page gets to 1500 fans they will release the entire soundtrack for free.

The soundtrack for the game was scored by our friend and local Vancouver musician Vince de Vera, and since we’ve been asked about it countless times, we’re going to share his work with all of you. If we can get to our goal of 1,500 people to show their love for Shank by joining our community on Facebook, we’ll release the entire soundtrack for free… in all its DRM-free glory.

I checked out the track and must say it sounds quite epic.  You can check out the track here, and while your at it, direct your Facebook friends here to help us get the rest of soundtrack.

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