So a Date Has Been Declared… [Arcana Heart]

For those who have been, like me waiting for a declared date for Arcana Heart 3 the wait is over.  Apparently, Arc System Works has announced the release date of Arcana Heart 3 during their panels at the Tokyo Game Show this year.  Arcana Heart 3 will be released to the Japanese region on January 13, 2011 for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.  There will be 2 versions of the game from what I can gather on a rough translation.  The standard edition will be (after I presume Japanese taxes) 7,140 Yen or roughly $83.35.  The limited edition seems to come with a 24 character pin set and a concept art book (I think) at a price of 9,660 Yen or roughly $112.76.  The standard and limited editions will be available (from what I can tell) for both platforms.

I am hoping that I hear something from Aksys Games on a North American release date.  Once I do you can expect to hear news of it here.

[Poster sourced from the Arc System Works Arcana Heart 3 Tokyo Game Show promo page]

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