Radiangames “Fluid” Released! Free Giveaway On Twitter!

Fluid Screenshot 3

Fluid has been released and is available for download on XBL.  A post on the Radiangames website says that an update should be expected in a week or two to fix a problem with some wording:

Like my previous games, I will be updating Fluid at some point, likely in a week or two.  The main reason for this is a problem with the message describing how to unlock the extreme levels.  In game, it says “All Silvers to Unlock Extreme Levels”, but it really should say “All 3+ Stars to Unlock Extreme Levels”.  In other words, get 3 or more stars on the first 30 levels to unlock the 5 extreme levels.  Sorry for the confusion!

Also, Radiangames is giving away free copies of Fluid on twitter.  Follow @radiangames if you’re interested in getting a free copy.  There may be some giveaways on Facebook as well, but thats not guaranteed.

Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

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