Cloning Clyde is making his way to Steam

For those of you who have been wanting some hot cloning action on PC, your prayers have been answered.  This morning Ninjabee and Bacon Wrapped Studios ( formerly J. Kenworthy Entertainment ) announced two of their popular XBLA titles that will be coming to Steam.  The first will be Cloning Clyde, which according to John Nielson (found of Bacon Wrapped Games) has become “somewhat of a cult classic on Live Arcade.”  For those of you not familiar with Cloning Clyde, here is a description from the press release:

A side-scrolling platformer, Cloning Clyde stars an unfortunate hero with multiplying problems. Clyde is the victim of a cloning  experiment gone wrong who awakes to find himselves trapped in a fortress-like cloning facility. Players control Clyde and his clone brothers, switching between bodies to solve puzzles and find their way to safety. Though, occasionally players must cross-clone Clyde with monkeys, frogs, barrels of TNT, etc. to overcome obstacles – all while fighting past exploding mutant chickens and security robots.

The second will be Ancients of Ooga, which was released on XBLA in June of 2010.  No price or release dates have been revealed for either on Steam, but we can’t imagine that it’s too far off.  We’ll provide more information as we get it.

Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

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