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One of the best puzzles games in the world comes to the PS3 in HD


Tetris is pretty much a universal game. Anyone can see falling blocks and lines being deleted and their minds will instantly come up with the idea of Tetris. Since its early days in gaming history, Tetris has been there with its addicting game play. Well, EA decided to perform an HD remix (if you will) of Tetris for the Playstation 3, and man… is it as addicting as ever!

It’s common knowledge that if you look on the internet that you can probably find a good Tetris clone or even play Tetris on Facebook.  Even though there are many clones this rendition, of Tetris is the most polished and filled to the brim with modes. The graphics are done really well. The grid, blocks, and overall interface is very sleek and polished.  The menus look very slick and the remixed music of the Tetris theme sounds really good. What really makes this game stand out though is the how many different ways there are to play Tetris.

There are so many modes to play that it’s ridiculous. Of course there is the classic marathon mode, but there are also 13 included variant modes of play.  The variants basically change the rules of the game; for instance, the Split mode. This is where one block would be falling on the left half of the board and once the block is in place the next block will fall on the right half. This would continue till the player cleared 40 lines or died trying.  While there are tons variants to play, multiplayer is not to be missed.

Online and offline multiplayer is the hidden gem in this package. This allows people to either battle on the living room sofa with people around them or other players around the world. The online code is insanely smooth; there was not a bit of lag when playing online. There are several different options for multiplayer such as battle mode, team mode, and even a share mode that are completely customizable. Battle mode lets you battle it out between 2-4 players where deleting multiple lines sends it over to your opponent to deal with as well as random crazy power ups that can be used against you opponents. For instance, one power up froze my opponent’s board and they couldn’t move their Tetris blocks faster or change out their block from the holding zone. Team mode allows you and a partner to either play attack or defense while fighting another group. Attacking allows a player to send lines over to the opponent while defending allows them to get rid of lines sent to them. Then there is share mode where each person controls half the board with both players sharing a piece of the middle. This will cause people to both learn to work together or get angry and possibly even cause divorces. These are just some of the modes to play with friends and compete with people around the world.

This is definitely the most polished and most jam packed edition of Tetris to date. The price tag is a solid $10 for this game. While some might think that might be a bit too steep, for everything you get, it’s actually a steal. This game is worth every penny not only for all the addicting modes there are to play, but it has a lot to offer a player and brings a wide range of people together from grandparents to little kids. Not many games can say they can be remade and perform well over and over again, but Tetris can say it can stands the test of time.

Mikey Kenney
Mikey Kenney
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