Hearts of Iron III: For The Motherland Annouced. Arriving June 2011.

Hearts of Iron III: For The Motherland

Paradox Interactive has announced a second expansion for Hearts of Iron III, Hearts of Iron III: For The Motherland.  Hearts of Iron fans can expect to see the following features in this latest expansion:

– War Goals and enforced peace, each member of the faction can demand their own slice and claim it when it is taken.

– New Partisan system, build Partisan undergrounds to organise your resistance movements and battle not just the occupier but also other ideologies for control of the country.

– Seize strategic resources to fuel your war machine.

– New Theatre Interface giving greater strategic information.

– Improved Internal politics and a new coup system.

– The return of the battle scenario system to offer new mini campaigns.

Paradox Interactive also released a video interview from the development team highlighting some of the new content and insights from development.  You can find that video below along with a few screenshots.  For more info you can visit the official Hearts of Iron website.

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