PAX East: Hands On With Vindictus

Check out this great free to play RPG from Nexon.

Typically I do not venture into MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) unless I am playing World of Warcraft.  That is not free to play, but another MMO that I had a chance to play at PAX East is: Vindictus.  It is developed by devCAT, part of the publisher Nexon.

Vindictus has all the makings of a successful MMO but it impressed me most in one way: the combat.  Battle is in real time and you have a strong attack and regular attack that can be combined in order to create combos.  Attacks were fluid, and that is what I was most impressed with.  It was easy to move around and fight.  Of course it is keyboard and mouse controlled.  Dodging enemy attacks was a necessary aspect of battle, but I found it tough to get used to.

One of the great things about the environment was how interactive it was.  In general, you can pick things up and use them as weapons.  Anything from rocks to barrels could be used in almost the same ways as regular weapons.  The visuals of the game were great for a free to play game and I was overall impressed by them.  Much like most MMOs, this game is largely quest based and played with multiple people.  Vindictus is a great game to at least try out, especially if you are a fan of Nexon’s other games.

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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