Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta Coming Later This Year

In conjunction with a Resistance 3 demo on the GDC show floor, a Sony Community Manager posting gave us an official beta announcement for the sci-fi shooter.  No official date was given for the beta.  With Insomniac’s FPS currently slated for release on September 16 of this year though, you can probably expect it to hit the PSN sometime around mid to late summer.  Beyond that particular revelation Sony also divulged some interesting details regarding the direction that the alternative history shooter’s multiplayer is moving in.

The most significant news is that Resistance 3 will be moving away from the franchise’s large scale battles of 40 or 60 players.  Instead, the game is taking a more tight and intimate approach with 8 vs 8 online matches.  Multiplayer will feature death match and yet to be unveiled objective based variants.  While the campaign takes place in the USA, multiplayer maps are all going to be set abroad.

Insomniac is following the trend set by many other modern FPSs and implementing a class based system that will allow players to uniquely level up their characters based on their preferred play styles.  Sony went on to explain that the system will include “active tactical and support abilities, as well as the new personal and combat attributes.”  Among the support abilities will be a bubble shield, an ammo beacon and a radar beacon.  Meanwhile, the tactical abilities include sprinting and projecting a holographic image of yourself to confuse enemies.  Yet another set of attributes offer better starting weaponry, increased reload and fire rates, and striking back at your killer by having leapers burst out of your dead body.

For the most part, these elements have all been seen in other shooters in some form or another.  Here’s hoping that the talented designers over at Insomniac can make them feel fresh again.  Keep an eye on MTB for more details on the beta and Resistance 3 in general in the months ahead.

Images courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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