Ridge Racer 3D Now Available For Nintendo 3DS

Check out the racing game you could be playing tomorrow!

The Nintendo 3DS is not actually out until tomorrow but that is not stopping developers from getting games for it on the shelves already.  Following that formula is Ridge Racer 3D, a continuation of the Ridge Racer series of games.  The title was available as of March 22nd.  Fresh features in this update are of course the new 3D visuals, a wide variety of race cars (including American muscle cars), brand new environments, expanded customization, and updated drift mechanics formulated specially for the Nintendo 3DS. There are over 100 new races in this game.

The drifting mechanic offers the most notable change besides the 3D as it is a one button process with the 3DS.  Simply holding down a button will allow you to drift, and letting go of the button will cause you to exit the drift.  This makes drifting easy for beginners, and convenient for a portable system.  If the new drift system is too simple for those used to something more complicated, the old drift mechanics will still be available in the options. Ridge Racer 3D also gives you the ability to play with up to four players locally.  Nintendo 3DS’ street pass will permit your system to “tag” another unit nearby to exchange racing stats and ranks.  Check out Ridge Racer 3D now at your local retailer for $39.99 and remember that you can play it starting tomorrow.

[Images Courtesy of Namco Bandai]

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
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