Fallout: New Vegas ‘Honest Hearts’ DLC Possibly Revealed

Fallout fansite Duck and Cover acquires images of what appears to be forthcoming New Vegas downloadable content.

The Fallout fansite Duck and Cover has reportedly seen, and grabbed some screens from, a trailer for an unannounced piece of Fallout: New Vegas DLC.  Duck and Cover claims that Bethesda provided them with a link to a private YouTube trailer for a download called “Honest Hearts.”  The video has since been removed, but was originally posted here.

The title “Honest Hearts” originally surfaced back in January when Fallout wiki “The Vault” made note of a graffiti file in the “Dead Money” DLC which referenced the “Burned Man” (Joshua Graham) and New Canaan.  Graham was originally envisioned as “The Hanged Man” for Black Isle’s canceled version of Fallout 3 prior to Bethesda taking control of the IP.  He was eventually implemented into the series proper via a story about Caesar’s former legate.  The legate (Graham) was set aflame as punishment for failing to overtake The New California Republic during the first battle for the Hoover Dam.  Caesar completed Graham’s transformation into the Human Torch by shoving him into the Grand Canyon after lighting him ablaze.

Following Duck and Cover’s story, New Vegas Lead Designer J.E. Sawyer tweeted “every time someone asks me about future DLC announcements, the ghost of joshua graham [sic] sighs in the desert and scares a tribal to death.”  This act was clearly no coincidence and adds another shred of credibility to the story.

Lending even further credence to the fansite’s account, is MTV’s report that Bethesda will be holding a press event in the Utah mountains this week. With Utah housing the location of New Caanaan in the Fallout Universe, the announcement of this press event further grounds the rumor.  Speculation has consequently run rampant that the publisher will formally announce “Honest Hearts” there and reveal that it will be set in New Canaan.   In just a few short days, we’ll know for certain.

Sources: Duck and Cover, Kotaku, Joystiq, MTV Games and Twitter

Images courtesy of Duck and Cover.

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