Final Fantasy VI For PSP/PS3 Receives ESRB Rating

Final Fantasy VI characters with no pants? Speculation about the ESRB's "partial nudity" rating may keep gamers tied over until it releases here....again.

To the excitement of fans everywhere, the Japanese PlayStation Network release of Final Fantasy VI on April 20th gave hope that we may actually see it here in the states (again).  It has been released on the Super Nintendo, PlayStation One, Game Boy Advance, and the Wii Virtual Console.  While already heavily censored from the Japanese version (the Japanese version had harsh dialog, nudity, and language), it seems that the ESRB is not quite sure what to rate this constantly changing game.

The SNES iteration was not rated, while the PlayStation One and GBA versions received ratings of “T” and “E10+” respectively.  The newest incarnation of the game which has already been released in Japan, and hopefully will be released here has again received a “T” rating.  Among the reasons are partial nudity, which no one seems to remember in the original American release.

The “esper” Siren’s different forms

My theory would be that a couple of the “espers” which can be presented as half naked forms.  The esper specifically changed from the Japanese version was named Siren, and was not wearing pants in her original form.  Different versions have decided the degree in which her pants appear, so it is possible that the new version could be partially nude. Another of the espers, Shiva, is also scantilay clad.  It may be hard to see because she is blue, but her sprite makes her also appear semi-naked.  Not that it will matter, as if it does see a release here in the US it will probably be an entirely different version.

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[Images courtesy of: Kotaku, Nintendo Wiki, and Final Fantasy Wiki]

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