Indie Dev Removes Game From Impulse After GameStop Takeover

Blind Mind refuses to conduct business with the retail giant.

It seems like everyone with an internet connection has a beef with GameStop these days.  (Full disclosure: I am a former employee of GameStop Inc.)  In the latest story of GameStop induced rage, developer Blind Mind has pulled Star Ruler off of the digital download site Impulse in response to the retailer purchasing the service. The independent developer stated that “Due to a rather large list of things we detest about GameStop, Star Ruler will no longer be available for purchase on Impulse after the takeover.”

Strong words from a small studio that is probably in desperate need of every sale it can get. Despite pulling out of the service, Blind Mind announced that they would continue to support those who already purchased the game on Impulse through future patches. Although they had nothing but praise for Impulse, the dev is convinced that GameStop is a poor fit for the computer gaming side of the industry.

We are ending sales through Impulse due to GameStop’s long, negative behavior toward the PC platform and independent games. We would never have signed onto distribution through GameStop, and being forced into this situation has only made it worse for us. We feel GameStop cannot serve as the leader of a true competitor in the digital distribution market.

They went on to mention that they admired the direction Brad Wardell had been taking Impulse in, but are opposed to GameStop’s business goals.  They worry that the company would not respect their customers and are concerned because they perceive the retailer as only caring about big budget, mainstream games.

This probably won’t go down as the smartest business move Blind Mind has ever made, but at least no one will ever accuse them of selling out.

Source: Blind Mind Studios

Image courtesy of Blind Mind Studios.

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