Miyamoto Wants to Remake Link to the Past

Apparently the designer has a thing for 3D time-based adventures.

In an interview with Edge, Shigeru Miyamoto recently commented on Nintendo’s focus on building a stable of 3D enabled re-releases for the recently launched Nintendo 3DS.  While The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is already getting reworked into a first-party port with updated visuals and spiffy 3D elements for the new handheld, Miyamoto claims that he wants to give the same treatment to other entries in the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda franchise.  When asked what other game he would like to see given a 3D face lift, the beloved Nintendo designer replied with the Super Nintendo classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Normally, I’m not a fan of remakes.  However, being able to see Link to the Past redone in glorious 3D on Nintendo’s new handheld would definitely be amazing.  Obviously Miyamoto’s statement is hardly a confirmation that the project is in the works, but nevertheless it’s good to know someone higher up than us has thrown the idea out there.  Just thinking about that possibility has me humming the game’s brilliant “dark world” theme in my head.  Make it happen, Nintendo.

[Source: Edge]

[Image courtesy of Vidya Games.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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