New inFAMOUS 2 Campaign and Mission Designer Details Emerge

Sucker Punch shows off the level creation tools walks us through two single player missions from Cole's upcoming adventure.

With inFAMOUS 2’s release less than two months away, fans are eager to finally get the game in their hands. To satiate that hunger, Sucker Punch dropped a nice update on the game today over on the Official Playstation Blog. We’ve heard a lot about the game’s new location of New Marais, but the update offers a rundown of two new missions. The first is called “Forced Conduits” and sends Cole McGrath to the city’s second island (convenient that these sandbox games are always set in cities with multiple islands) in search of a Blast Core. The cores were developed by Dr. Wolfe and have the ability to upgrade McGrath’s powers.

After blowing up some crates, the player comes across a safe which contains a map that marks three potential Blast Core hiding spots. Before Cole can get back to the scavenger hunt, some iced up baddies get the drop on him. Tossing a few ‘nades will apparently make short work of these frozen foes and can also result in some environmental damage. You’ll want to keep this mind later when a room is filled with gas, because blasting your way through a wall will make for the quickest escape route.

The quest wraps up with an encounter with a particularly nasty looking ice boss. Chucking more grenades will blow off his arms, but they’ll grow back if you’re not quick enough. Successfully pulling off a QTE is the key to victory here and it nets you the Blast Core.

In the second level, the electric hero is tasked with tracking down an old man near a downed copter. Of course, things are never that easy for Cole. An enormous monster shows up and squares off with McGrath. It’s hard shell is too strong for Cole’s attacks to penetrate, so you’ll need to direct your attention to the obvious glowing weak point in his throat. The scene turns even more chaotic as the boss calls in some backup and city’s inhabitants chip in to help Cole by firing RPGs at the menace.

At this point, players will have to change up their strategy and focus attacks on the weak spot that opens up behind the creature’s rib cage. After the battle continues down several New Marais streets, things come to a climax. Cole takes advantage of a new levitation ability and tosses a squad car into his enemy. The beast is finally felled and the demo is over. For a more detailed take on the experience, check out the post on Sony’s blog.

As promised, we’ve also got video footage for you that showcases the game’s creation tools. In the video, Sucker Punch Senior Game Designer Karl Deckard takes viewers through the process of creating a custom mission. Basically, the designers have given you the ability to tweak missions from the game however you see fit. It’s very cool to see this feature in a game of this kind and it gives me one more reason (as if I needed it) to be excited for the game’s launch on June 7.

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[Source: Official Playstation Blog]

[Images courtesy of SCEA.]

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