Paradox Launches Sengoku Developer Diary

New screens and a developer interview for the upcoming strategy game.

Swedish developer Paradox Interactive has launched its first developer diary for Sengoku.    In the diary, Producer Johan Anderson provides a game play overview of the character-driven strategy game.  In addition to the diary, there’s also five new screens and the video interview with Project Lead Thomas Johansson that you can watch below.  In Sengoku, players will control the leader of a samurai family caught amidst a civil war in the year 1467.  The game will task you with deploying armies of powerful samurais and stealthy ninjas in an attempt to destroy your rivals and unite the country under your banner.

Our goal with Sengoku is to create a game where your actions matter, where you truly act like a Japanese noble in the struggle to become Shogun, with our focus on playability and easing the learning curve while still being a deep and complex Paradox game. What truly makes Sengoku unique is the free flowing way of switching alliances and conquests in contrast to the long-term build-up of your holdings and your relations. Maybe it is better to manuever [sic] for the future than to spend resources fighting now. And always remember.. “Double cross your enemies in an honorable an auspicious manner.”

Through your conquests, your family will gain influence and power while you move ever closer to seizing the rank of Shogun for yourself.  Paradox added that players will need to balance their sense of honor and duty with the challenge of simply surviving.  They are also promising that the game will feature historically accurate maps from this unstable period of Japanese history.  Sengoku will be releasing at an undisclosed 2011 date exclusively for the PC.

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Source: Paradox Interactive

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