Rockstar Rumored to be Working on Wii 2 Software

Rockstar Games may already be in possession of a Project Cafè development kit.

As we reported last Friday, the Wii’s successor, Project Cafè, is supposedly going to be announced at E3 in June. The story originated from a French site named 01net that was also responsible for reporting on the NGP’s tech specs well in advance of the official announcement. It was noted amongst all of those wild Cafè rumors that Nintendo was making a concerted effort to get more western developers/publishers on board this time around. If those sneaky Frenchmen are to be believed, then it appears that Rockstar Games is one of those publishers who is coming around to Nintendo’s side.

Fansite GoNintendo has translated an update from 01net that Rockstar has been given a development kit for Nintendo’s next home console. GoNintendo says the publisher is also hard at work on Grand Theft Auto V and that they are hoping to have the game ready to go when Cafè launches. A GTA game at launch would be a huge deal for any console and is a surefire way to move millions of units. The fansite also believes that the game will appear on the 360 and PS3 as well, which would make a lot of sense.

As for Nintendo, a late 2012 launch window is still in place for the Wii’s successor on this side of the pond. Over in Japan, GoNintendo reports that they have information implying that a June launch is likely. Finally, Nintendo fans can expect some tech demos to make an appearance when E3 rolls around.

None of these statements can be substantiated at this time. If Nintendo does plan on pulling back the Project Cafè curtain at the convention they will certainly go through great lengths to prevent any leaks prior to it (guess that didn’t quite work out).  Likewise for Rockstar and the next GTA.  Nevertheless, it has certainly piqued my interest and has us here at MTB counting down the days until the show gets underway proper on June 7.

[Sources: 01net, GoNintendo and Joystiq]

[Image courtesy of GTA Wikia]

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