Section 8: Prejudice Falling onto Xbox 360 on April 20

Xbox 360 and PC versions get official dates, PS3 version arriving further down the road.

Section 8: Prejudice

TimeGate Studios has finally announced firm release dates for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of its downloadable FPS Section 8: Prejudice.  The game will hit the 360 first on April 20, with the Games for Windows Live iteration arriving shortly thereafter on May 4.  Those of you thinking about snagging the PS3 version will have to wait a while longer yet.  Prejudice will drop onto Sony’s console at some point during the summer.  All versions will run $15 when they release.

In addition to the release dates, TimeGate also announced that players of the original Section 8 will get access to some in-game rewards in the sequel.  Superior unlocks will be available to those who leveled up higher in the first game. The full details are listed below.

TimeGate will unlock Section 8: Prejudice equipment upgrades for players of the original Section 8, based on the Level they attained as of April 20th, 2011. Anyone who played the original Section 8 will instantly unlock Aegis Armor and the Reactive Plating upgrade, while those who reached Level 25 will additionally unlock the Ablative Plating upgrade. The very dedicated players who attained Level 50 will also get the Explosives Amplifier upgrade. Provided players have not changed their Microsoft Gamertag or PlayStation®Network ID, the upgrades will be unlocked automatically.

Source: TimeGate Studios

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