Twisted Metal Dated for October

Eat Sleep Play releases a new trailer along with an official release date.

Developer Eat Sleep Play has been extremely tight-lipped about their upcoming Twisted Metal game since the surprise unveiling at 2010’s E3. Last night, the silence was finally broken via a new trailer on an episode of GameTrailers TV. We’ve got the the trailer for you right here, along with the game’s release date: October 4, 2011. The video shows off plenty of vehicular combat insanity and even some live action footage of Sweet Tooth terrorizing some unfortunate farm girl. I’m usually pretty skeptical in regards to live action stuff in game trailers, but it actually looks good in an extremely creepy sort of way.

On top of that, Co-director David Jaffe chimed in on the Official Playstation Blog in regards to some additional Twisted Metal tidbits that will be announced shortly. In the coming days, Eat Sleep Play will be showing off two new levels and something called the Battlewagon. Jaffe described the Battlewagon as “the coolest, baddest-ass vehicle ever to dominate the car combat landscape”. Finally, they will also be releasing an extended cut of the new trailer that will detail a few character stories and “may” give everyone a look at the mysterious Calypso. More as it develops.

Sources: GameTrailers and Official Playstation Blog

Image courtesy of Examiner.

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