Assault Mode Unlocked in Section 8: Prejudice

With the requisite ten million kills now in the books, the new multiplayer mode has become available.

Section 8 Prejudice

Xbox 360 and PC gamers have now accounted for ten million kills in the downloadable FPS, Section 8: Prejudice. As a reward for their dedication to killing each other online, developer TimeGate has opened up a new multiplayer mode called Assault. The new variant tasks one team with racing to unlock control points as fast as possible, while the opposing team must defend their bases for as long as they can.

TimeGate also let another little snippet loose: there will be a “Game with Devs” event this Sunday from 5 – 8pm EST. Additional details regarding the event will be coming soon.

Source: TimeGate Studios

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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