Brink Updated; Free DLC Coming Soon

Free stuff is good stuff.

If you’ve played Brink, or read even just read any reviews of it, then you know about its lag problems. Xbox 360 players of Splash Damage’s FPS will be happy to know that Bethesda has announced an update to fix the issue. It will be ready to go the next time you hop onto Brink with no download required. What’s basically happening is that “Free Play” and “Campaign” matchmaking is being limited to a total of 8 human players. This will allow players to “more reliably find and connect to quality hosts.” A new “Big Team” variant has been rolled out to fill the void of large-scale human battles. It’ll feature 8v8 human matches on all maps. The same update will hit the PS3 whenever the PSN goes back online (man, there are going to be a lot of updates that day).

Don’t worry PC guys, you’re not being left out in the cold. PC players are getting a “full” patch that addresses AI, GPU, and server issues. You can read about it in detail on Steam.

More good news: Brink’s first DLC package, coming in June, will be completely free of charge. It will contain “additional maps and new content”. More information will be made announced on that front as Bethesda and Splash Damage straighten out the exact details.

[Source: Bethesda Blog]

[Image courtesy of Gaming Angels.]

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