Crazy Over Goo [Browser Game]

Jessica Weimar
MASH Veteran
May 1st, 2011

All it takes is a simple concept for a game to be fun.  Games do not always need to be overdone.  Greg Labanov and Kristian Mcanga has created a fun game without too much complications.  The game is called Crazy Over Goo and consists of you guiding a little yellow ball through levels.  Gradually, obstacles are introduced and the game becomes more challenging.  While starting out as a simple (and very small) flash game, it has been updated recently and is definitely an improvement.

You control your little yellow ball through levels by choosing the trajectory of the ball. This is possible by clicking and dragging, but you can only choose a straight line.   Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right, as you have to get it just right.  The path of the ball is shown as an arrow, and the ball will more or less arc in the angle that you choose for it.  Throughout the course of the game you will come across obstacles such as spikes and fire pits.  There are also certain blocks that you can stick to, and it can be hard to get unstuck.  There are also levels of complete darkness, and levels in which you have to set yourself on fire in order to burn down an area (and then quickly find a water source).  There are a lot of challenging aspects to this game that make it not just a walk in the park.

Crazy Over Goo was originally created by Greg “Banov” Lobanov, but has since added Kristian Macanga to recreate the game.  This cute puzzle game can be played at Newgrounds.


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