“Love is Over” Deluxe Edition of Catherine Announced

Another dirty pillowcase to add to your collection.



Catherine is a self-proclaimed “erotic” puzzle platformer/action-adventure game.  Made by the team that brought you the Persona series, this title promises an interesting glimpse into the world of nightmares and relationships.  It appears to carry the same elements of the Persona series that make it partially a dating simulator, but most of the gameplay takes place within the nightmares themselves.  Clearly the link to these nightmares is a beautiful girl named Catherine, whom your character meets in the beginning of the story.  The game centers around surviving the nightmares which begin to merge into real life, as if you die in the nightmare you will die in real life.  The secondary part of the game regards the player’s choices between two relationships as important decisions that will decide the fate for main character Vincent, as well as his long-term girlfriend Katherine and the temptress Catherine.


As if the base game was not sexy enough, the upcoming Catherine will also be receiving a deluxe edition courtesy of Atlus.  This edition will cost $20 more than the standard edition at $79.99.  What is worth 20 more dollars you ask?  The answer is “quite a bit” as the deluxe edition includes the following:  Polka-dotted boxers (identical to the ones worn by the main character), an “Empty Hearts” t-shirt that is worn in game by Catherine (and is reminiscent to the iconic health bar in the Legend of Zelda series), a pillow case decorated with a sexy image of Catherine, and the game disc which features the unedited version of the cover art.  All of this is contained within a “Stray Sheep” pizza box, an ode to a bar within the game.

This version will be very limited, and will be based on pre-orders obtained for it.  Never fear, you also get special items for pre-ordering which are a sound disc (soundtrack?) and art book.  These pre-order “bonuses” will be available in limited quantities for ordering either version.

This all sounds like a great deal for so much stuff, so if interested I would visit a store to ensure a copy.  The only thing more one could ask for in a collector’s edition as sexy as this, would be the mouse pad that came with Record of Agarest War.  I guess you can’t have everything!  Both editions of Catherine are set to release on July 26th.

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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